The new 330 from Grady-White Boats marks a new endeavor for this iconic fishing boat company: a pilothouse-style fully-enclosed helm, following up the success of the 360 Express’s fully-enclosed helm. Yes, the new 330’s hull is the same one as their 330 Express and it shares the same 33’6” LOA, 11’7” beam, 350 gallon fuel capacity, and 2’1” draft. And its hull design is still the tried-and-true Grady-White Ray Hunt designed variable-degree deadrise deep-V, with a 21-degree transom deadrise. But the topsides are quite unlike the norm.

Can you imagine a full aluminum and glass enclosure around this helm? Grady-White could.

Can you imagine a full aluminum and glass enclosure around this helm? Grady-White could.

The new 330 is slated to be introduced to the public at the winter boat shows, including the Mother of all boat shows, the Miami Boat Show this February. Grady-White isn’t releasing picture until then, but we did get a sneak-peek of what this layout looks like. It’s very similar to the 360’s Integrated Hardtop option, which surrounds the helm station for all-weather angling. The helm itself is centered, with the cabin entry on the port side and passenger’s seats slightly farther aft, to either side. The windshield is raked aft to match the cabin’s lines, and the hard top is crowned significantly. A trio of rocket launchers lines either side of the aft hard top supports, and the top is ready for outrigger mounting.

The top has plenty of goodies built-in, too. There’s an overhead electronics box, stereo speakers, exterior grab rails, and spreader lights, all integrated into the top. What won’t you see? Gobs of sight-obstructing pipework. By integrating the painted aluminum structure with the safety glass windows and the cabin top, no extra pipework is necessary. This means visibility from the helm will be excellent, whether you’re cruising under sunny skies as you head for that hot tuna bite at the canyons, or dodging snowflakes to get to those winter cod fishing grounds. And since it’s a Grady, you know there will also be washer-equipped wipers maintaining that clear view whenever spray hits the windshield.

Unlike some similar helm enclosures that also look like pilothouse options on other boats, the 330’s integrated top doesn’t appear to make the helm cramped at all. It’s extremely roomy underneath, because it follows the cabin side lines of the 330’s Express version. And don’t worry about it getting stuffy in there—there’s an opening sunroof, as well. If you’re a northern boater looking to extend your season or a southern angler who doesn’t want to bake in the sun, you’ll want to check this one out at