One of the first words we all learn is “no.” It’s meant to teach us boundaries. In the yachting world, customers sometimes hear “no” because a builder doesn’t want to do things different. That’s not the case at Horizon Yachts, however. In fact, according to Travis Fox, who with his family owns the new Horizon Skyline, “I don’t remember Horizon ever saying no.” Attracted to the FD85, the Foxes asked if changes—aesthetic as well as structural—were possible. Horizon not only agreed, but decided the ideas were so good that they should become part of a new model, the FD87.

In profile, Skyline differs from the FD85 primarily because of the skylounge. The FD85 is an open-bridge model. But, she still has a fast-displacement hull form and what Horizon calls a High Performance Piercing Bow. Together, they ensure better fuel burn throughout the entire speed range.

Note the large port stretching across the transom of Skyline. The Foxes requested adding a beach club, and being able to use it even when not at anchor. The port therefore brings abundant natural light inside.

The beach club is the main reason why Skyline measures 90 feet, compared to the FD85’s LOA of nearly 86 feet. It’s sure to be a prime family hang-out spot, too. A long lounge to starboard, plus barstools opposite, let everyone gather and linger as long as they like.

The Foxes, who include wife Trina and daughters Kilyn and Taylor, wanted an open galley. The pass-through can close off when wanted. They also wanted a multi-functional dining table, which folds to become a breakfast bar, lined with barstools.

Travis and Trina get a main-deck master stateroom, a rarity on yachts of Skyline’s size. Credit goes to designer Cor D. Rover, who also styled the yacht, plus the full FD series. Large ports to both sides make the room bright, as does the long skylight overhead.

Enclosing the bridge allowed Travis to get what his family jokes is his “man cave.” The wood tones are certainly richer than they are elsewhere aboard, plus there’s a terrific bar with a backlit front. But, the skylounge is truly for the full family to enjoy.

So, too, is the experience of driving Skyline. Kilyn and Taylor are each adept at boat handling, having taken the wheel of the family’s previous 50-footer several times. Taylor even got the chance to navigate Skyline in Horizon’s home waters of Taiwan earlier this year, with Horizon staff guiding her.

One of the family’s favorite places to cruise is the Bahamas. U.S. shores are in their plans for this inaugural year aboard Skyline, too, including Newport in Rhode Island. Wherever they venture, the boat deck hot tub and barstools should beckon.

Remarkably, the Foxes considered 18 builders before selecting Horizon Yachts. They knew they found the right fit when Horizon readily welcomed their input, even in adding length and upgrading systems. John Lu, Horizon’s CEO, has a simple philosophy: “Why not?” He believes that if a client comes with a good idea, sometimes other clients will also like that idea. Therefore, it just makes sense to embrace the change requests. Thanks to the Foxes, Horizon now has another model in its FD lineup. It’s also calling all skylounge-equipped FD yachts Skyline editions, in their honor.
Displacement95 tons
Fuel capacity3,480 gal.

Written by: Diane Byrne
Diane M. Byrne is the founder and editor of the daily updated website Megayacht News. A longtime yachting writer, she also contributes to Yachts International, Boat Exclusive, and other magazines. She is additionally a member of the International Superyacht Society Board of Directors and Vice Chair of the U.S. Superyacht Association.