If you're in the market for a crossover boat you're probably researching which brands build the best crossovers and what models top everyone's list for 2021 and beyond. That's why we've put together this round up - to help you in your search and lead you to buy the right boat for your purposes. First, let's get out of the way what exactly we mean by the term "crossover boats".

What Are Crossover Boats?

The term “crossover boat” can mean different things to different people, and it can be applied to everything from center console fishing boats that are designed for multiple fisheries, to boats that split the difference between high performance speedboat and express cruiser. The bottom line? Crossovers can be defined as any make or model that’s designed and built to serve multiple purposes, and allow you to seamlessly cross over from one activity to another on the same platform. So whatever form of waterborne activities you like the most, if your interests are varied you’ll likely find one of these crossovers to your liking.

Top Crossover Performance Boats

Formula 400 Super Sport Crossover

Formula 400 Super Sport Crossover from Formula Boats. Photo: Formula Boats.

Above: 2021 Formula 400 Super Sport Crossover from Formula Boats. Photo: Formula Boats.

The Formula 400 Super Sport Crossover doesn’t just combine two types of boats into one — it’s more like three distinct boats in a single package. With up to quadruple Mercury 400 Verado outboards on the transom and top-end speeds well in excess of 60-mph, Formula Boats has clearly given this boat plenty of speedboat DNA. Add to that an open bow cockpit plus a large aft lounger and settee, and it’s also a bow-riding day-cruiser. That in and of itself would be enough to tag this boat as a crossover, but Formula goes one better and also incorporates a full cabin in the starboard side, with a convertible dinette/berth, a mid-cabin berth, a stand-up head, and a galley. That means this boat also counts as a weekender. Take your pick, because whichever type of boat you like the most, the 400 Super Sport Crossover delivers.

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Nor-Tech 390 Sport - Luxury Center Console

Nor-Tech 390 Sport Boat. Photo: Nor-Tech Boats.

Above: 2021 Nor-Tech 390 Sport Boat. Photo: Nor-Tech Boats.

Most people think of center consoles as fishing boats, but not the folks at Nor-Tech Boats. Their 390 is a great example of a boat that crosses between the center console design, luxury day-boating, and eye-watering performance. Open up the throttles on the triple Mercury 400R outboards and you’ll break 80-mph while coasting over the chop on a twin-step hull. Slow up and kick back to relax and you’ll take note of wrap-around seating, carbon-fiber trim, foam deck padding, and integrated stereo speakers. And if you feel it would be negligent to get a center console you can’t fish from, don’t worry—Nor-Tech crosses over into those waters, too, and can outfit the 390 Sport with rod holders and a livewell.

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Top Crossover Fishing Boats

Edgewater 262CX

Edgewater 262CX

Above: 2021 Edgewater 262CX on the water. Photo: Edgewater Boats.

Anglers with kids who enjoy the water often find the dual console design ideal for their needs, and Edgewater Boats builds the Edgewater 262CX Crossover brings together fishability and family boating. The cockpit is rigged for serious action, with fold-away seating, a 28-gallon transom livewell, four flush gunwale rodholders and under-gunwale rodracks, stainless-steel cockpit toe rails, a raw water washdown, and options for more rod holders in the transom and rocket launchers on the hard top. But when it’s time for watersports or just playing around on the bay, you’ll discover a ski locker in the cockpit sole, a 19-gallon freshwater system with a pull-out transom shower, a head compartment in the port side console, and a Fusion Bluetooth stereo system with four speakers.

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Regulator 26XO

2021 Regulator 26XO. Photo by Regulator Boats

Above: 2021 Regulator 26XO. Photo: Regulator Boats.

Known for years for building hard-core offshore fishing machines, Regulator broke their own mold when they introduced the 26XO center console crossover. This is still a fishing boat through and through, but it’s a boat that can be used for both offshore bluewater fishing and inshore light-tackle angling. Regulator accomplishes this by utilizing a semi-V hullform rather than a deep-V, with the transom deadrise pulled back to a moderate 17 degrees. Then they trimmed down the boat’s profile, giving it a lower bow and gunwales. Regulator designed in enough fore and aft casting deck areas to provide sufficient space for fishing from an elevated position, while also maintaining enough deeper cockpit space for the days spent out on the open ocean.

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Top Crossover Watersports Boats

Malibu Wakesetter 20 VTX

Watersports enthusiasts who enjoy everything from wake surfing to slalom skiing will have a hard time finding a boat that can do both with aplomb, but one crossover model that makes the grade is the Malibu Wakesetter 20 VTX. This boat carries Malibu Boat's “Malibu Cut Diamond Hull,” which can produce minimal, easy-to-cross wakes for slalom skiing. But the hull is also armed with the Power Wedge III and the Surf Gate, so you can deploy the hardware and start making massive curls for surfing right behind the transom.

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Supra SR400

Supra also combines a moderate-wake hull with mechanical wave-makers to attain both ski and surf abilities, but in this case, the surf tabs and ballast also use modern tech to cross over between different watersports. Supra’s AutoWake system has onboard sensors that control pitch and roll to optimize the wake, and the Swell 3.0 Surf system incorporates inclinometers that measure the boat’s movement and adjusts the ballast to match the ideal wake with a rider’s preset preferences.

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Top Luxury Day Boat Crossovers

Cobalt R30

You say you want a relatively compact day boat that’s easy to handle, but still has plenty of high-end luxury perks? Cobalt says no problem, and offers the R30 as its answer. At first it looks like a standard Cobalt bowrider, with flawless gel coat work, seating both forward and aft, and a stern drive powerplant. Then you press a button, and watch as the swim platform hydraulically lowers into the water. Or press another, and enjoy the cockpit heater system. Or try a different button (this one on the key fob remote) to turn the lights on and off. Even the engine box lifter is electrified, and from bow to stern the R30 has a yachty feel even though its small enough to handle and maintain with ease.

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Sea Ray 350 SLX

If you combined a luxury mini-yacht with an open day-boat, the result would be something very much like the Sea Ray 350 SLX. Sea Ray has built a day boat à la bowrider, with gobs of additional seating in the cockpit, a huge aft lounger, and an enclosed head compartment in the helm console. But it’s also riddled with yacht-level amenities, like an air-conditioned mini-cabin with a berth in the port console, diamond-stitched upholstery, quietRIDE sound-attenuation, LED-lighted cupholders, and a joystick Axius control system.

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Top Crossover Yachts

HCB 65 Estrella

HCB, also known as Hydra-Sports Custom Yachts, build some serious center consoles that blur the lines between classes. At 65’ long and 16’ wide, with quintuple or even sextet outboards stretched across the transom, no one’s going to argue that this giant center console doesn’t cross over into yacht territory. The 65 Estrella also crosses between center console and cabin cruiser, because although it does technically have a centered steering station, the console itself is larger than most other boats on the water. And the cabin it houses is rather opulent, with a private master stateroom, a saloon, and a fully enclose stand-up head compartment.

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Tiara 43LE

The Tiara 43LE may be on the small side to call a yacht, but it isn’t merely a crossover, it’s also a transformer. Part sport-boat and part yacht, Tiara has given this boat a cockpit that’s set up for cruising with a huge forward-facing lounger. When you stop to enjoy lunch on the hook, the entire lounger module spins 360-degrees so you can face forward, face aft, or face off-center to match up with either of the additional aft-facing loungers. More magic happens when you press a button and the port-side gunwale literally folds out flat, to create one of those huge “beach party” style swim platforms found on mega-yachts.

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Which of these crossover boats strikes your fancy? That’s for you to decide. But whatever type of boating you enjoy, one of these boats surely will be perfect for your needs — and in more than one way.

Written by: Lenny Rudow
With over two decades of experience in marine journalism, Lenny Rudow has contributed to publications including YachtWorld, boats.com, Boating Magazine, Marlin Magazine, Boating World, Saltwater Sportsman, Texas Fish & Game, and many others. Lenny is a graduate of the Westlawn School of Yacht Design, and he has won numerous BWI and OWAA writing awards.