It wasn’t very long ago that you had to spend several thousand dollars to get a unit with a nine-inch screen. It wasn’t too many years back that you had to spend thousands to get a unit with integrated WiFi and/or BlueTooth. It wasn’t so far back that you had to spend thousands to get a CHIRP fishfinder, much less one with side- and down-scanning capabilities, built right into its brain. And to get a unit with all this stuff? You’d be laying out many thousands of dollars. The beautiful thing about tech, however, is that its price falls through time. And in 2017 you can find a unit that has all this stuff—and more—and yet MSRPs for a mind-numbingly-low $849. Welcome to the Lowrance Elite 9 Ti.


Now, we want to point out that the price tag is slightly lower than you’ll pay in the real world, because it doesn’t include a transducer. There are so many different types available now that the days of a stock transducer included in the box are coming to an end. Figuring you’ll want the one transducer that can deliver it all, add in $300 for the 83/200 kHz and 455/800 kHz TotalScan Skimmer Transducer. Still, this is an unbelievably low price-point for this kind of electronic power.

Some of the other features we like on this unit include the basic buttons, for tactile control on rough days when using a touch-screen on a small boat can be iffy; the ability to scroll back into fishfinder history and establish waypoints; the wide variety of charting compatibility (C-Map, Lake InsightHD, Navionics, HotMaps, and Fishing Hotspots Pro); and the ability to BlueTooth to your Power Pole and/or Motorguide Xi5 trolling motor. We also note that the WiFi abilities let you tap directly into the GoFree Cloud, so there’s no more card-shuffling when you want to get new maps or perform software updates.

While we’ve focused on the Elite 9 Ti for the moment, we should note that the Elite line-up also includes five-, seven-, and 12-inch models. All share these features, though there are few differences such as screen resolution. (The five, seven, and nine are 800 x 480, while the 12” model is 1280 x 800). All are rated waterproof to IPX7 standards, have LED back-lighting, include temperature with the transducer, and have a built-in 10kHz WAAS GPS sensor. Our one beef: the warranty is only one year. That said, you can purchase an extended warranty and in our past experience, Lowrance’s customer service is excellent.

For more information, visit Lowrance.

Written by: Brett Becker
Brett Becker is a freelance writer and photographer who has covered the marine industry for 15 years. In addition to covering the ski boat and runabout markets for, he regularly writes and shoots for Based in Ventura, Calif., Becker holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s in mass communication from the University of Central Florida in Orlando.