When gave it a thorough test and brought you the news when Lowrance StructureScan came out a few years back, but now Lowrance has StructureScan 3D. This goes with the HDS3 system (you can get a peek at it in Lowrance HDS gen3 Video) but takes side scanning fishfinders one leap farther by providing real 3D views. There's only one way to figure out what this means to you, as an angler—see it in action for yourself, in this video.

Even though this video only runs for a minute and 20 seconds, we spent close to an hour on the boat playing with StructureScan 3D as we meandered through the harbor in Fort Lauderdale. That's not exactly an extended test—we'd like to use this unit for several fishing trips to get a better feel for it, and rest assured, that will happen and we'll report back afterwards—but we did notice a few other important details that didn't come across on film. For starters, we found it much easier to identify contour changes than it is with old-school StructureScan. Secondly, we were able to spot fish with it, too, on more than one occasion. And the ability to shift viewpoints made it much easier to figure out where an item we spotted was in relation to the boat's location.

Stay tuned folks, we already have a date set for an extensive StructureScan 3D test, and a full-blown review will come after. Until then, if you want more info on either StructureScan 3D or HDS3, head for Lowrance.