The new Lowrance X 4 and the entire X series fishfinder is the cheapest LCD screen fish finder I’ve ever reviewed, with a bottom line of $79.99. Can you really get a fishfinder for under 80 bucks? Evidently, the answer is yes.

The X is essentially the guts of an Eagle in a Lowrance’s clothing. Eagle as a brand is to be no more, so their products will be taking on the shape and look of a Lowrance. But, can a fishfinder this cheap even be worth talking about? Sure – at this price, pond-hopping car-toppers, canoes, row boats, and any other small boat that floats can be equipped to see beneath the water’s surface. The X 4 costs less then the rod and reel you’re fishing with; less then most of us spend on bait in a month; less then an electric motor or the battery that powers it. At this price, how can you resist?

There are three units in the series, the X 4 ($79.99) the X 4 Pro (which adds a dual-frequency 83/200 transducer at goes to $99.99) and the X-4 Portable (at $129 it has a suction cup transducer mount and a carrying case with battery compartment.) All of these units have a four-inch screen with a four-levels of gray scale. But my favorite feature for these units is their IPX7 waterproof rating. A micro unit like this is going to be mounted on a micro boat, and it’s bound to get wet sooner or later so waterproofing it was a good idea.

Is the X series going to revolutionize the fishfinding world? Hardly. Will die-hard anglers rush out to upgrade to one? Not by a long shot. But if you, like me, have two or three little botas lines up in the driveway which you use for pond fishing, duck hunting, or whatever, the X series makes it so inexpensive to outfit them with fish-finding capability, it’s impossible to resist.

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Lowrance's X 4 may be the cheapest LCD screen fishfinder around!