Classic boat lovers will swoon over the lines of the 2016 Marlow Pilot 31. The boat’s looks are eye-pleasingly retro, as is its power system—the Pilot 31 runs on a single-screw straight inboard. Why go with a power system of bygone days? That single-screw straight inboard gets you better than two NMPG, and while it may not be very fast (expect cruises in the 13 to 14 knot range) it also offers easy maintenance and a relatively low cost. Want to look at the Marlow 31 Pilot in more detail? Check it out:

We should note that this is the smallest Pilot, and if you need a bit more LOA, should watch our Marlow Pilot 34 First Look Video. Or, maybe you need a lot more LOA. In that case, a Marlow 58 SE might do the trick.

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