The GTX 4-TEC is Sea-Doo's first four-stroke personal watercraft.

The GTX 4-TEC is Sea-Doo's first four-stroke personal watercraft.

It was only a matter of time before personal watercraft manufacturers met the challenge to create quieter, Earth-friendly personal watercraft. Late last summer and into early fall, three four-stroke personal watercraft, including the Sea-Doo GTX 4-TEC, were introduced for the 2002 model year.

The GTX 4-TEC's modified-V hull provides precision handling and a stable platform for optimal control, comfort and security. This third generation of the GTX hull has an increased deadrise angle, inverted bell design and beveled chine to improve roughwater handling, wave penetration and spray deflection, which results in a smoother, drier ride.

Perhaps the biggest news about the GTX 4-TEC is its new three-cylinder marine engine, which is the most technologically advanced and most powerful mass-produced watercraft engine ever built by Rotax. Utilizing a 12-valve, multi-port fuel injection system and an inductive ignition system for additional power, the new Rotax four-stroke engine burns less fuel with cleaner emissions, and achieves standards well above and beyond current Environmental Protection Agency guidelines.

Another great advancement is Sea-Doo's D-Sea-Bel sound reduction system, which enables the GTX 4-TEC to perform quieter on the water. It works through a series of resonators of different lengths that attach to the exhaust system. As sound travels down the tubes, it bounces off the rear wall and returns, canceling out certain low-frequency waves. This is similar to the way two waves bouncing off opposite walls of a swimming pool flatten each other as they meet in the middle.

The Sea-Doo GTX 4-TEC has a low rumble upon starting, then ramps up to a guttural growl when throttle pressure is applied. It settles into a quiet, powerful, low-pitched hum upon attaining cruising speed.

Also incorporated into the GTX 4-TEC is Sea-Doo's revolutionary O.P.A.S. (Off-Power Assisted Steering) system, which assists steering during off-power and off-throttle situations. The system doesn't affect performance during normal operating conditions, but when the engine's rpm suddenly drops, spring-loaded dual rudders are automatically deployed to provide additional maneuverability.

Another cool feature is the Learning Key system, which is available on all of Sea-Doo's direct-injection and four-stroke models. Owners receive two lanyards, one of which is designated for lower rpm riding. When an inexperienced driver goes for a ride, simply insert the Learning Key and an electric control system is activated that automatically limits rpm, keeping top speed at around 35 mph. This gives the operator greater control and helps build confidence.

The GTX 4-TEC's Limited Edition model sports an autumn red and gold metal flake color scheme. Additional features include a removable tray that sits atop the storage compartment for easier access to important items, and fairings to further deflect spray and reduce wind, as well as enhance the watercraft's overall design.

Easily one of the greatest advancements the watercraft industry has seen in years, the Sea-Doo GTX 4-TEC has already reshaped the future of the watercraft industry by helping reinstate the PWC in highly restricted waterways. For instance, PWCs were banned from Lake Tahoe in 1997, but four-stroke models like the GTX 4-TEC are now allowed on the lake's pristine waters.

Watercraft Specifications
Weight785 pounds
Fuel capacity15 gallons
Base price with Mazatlan blue color scheme$9,499
Price for Limited Edition with autumn red and gold metal flake color scheme, removable front storage tray and side fairings$9,899

Engine Specifications
ModelFour-stroke Rotax SOHC
Propshaft horsepower155
Displacement597.6 c.i.d.
Compression ratio10.5:1
Fuel delivery systemmulti-port fuel injection
Impellerstainless steel four-blade

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