A well-known and respected figure in the Midwest high-performance powerboating community, Randy Kent has owned a number of big-dollar custom go-fast catamarans, including the famed 44-foot MTI Speed Racer cartoon-themed catamaran, and V-bottom sportboats during the years. It’s safe to say he doesn’t impress easily.

But when Kent, who owns Midwest Boating Center in Osage Beach, Mo., a multi-brand dealership that carries the Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats line, ordered his first Nor-Tech 450 Sport Center Console powered by quad Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboard engines he originally planned to keep it for himself. That’s how taken he was by the 45-footer since at its 2016 Miami International Boat Show introduction.

Since its introduction almost two years ago, the Nor-Tech 450 Sport CC has become a wild success. Photo by Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

Since its introduction almost two years ago, the Nor-Tech 450 Sport CC has become a wild success. Photo by Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.


Still, business is business and Kent had to part with the stunning center console he had planned to call his own his Texas-based client Cody Lovins fell in love with it.

“The Nor-Tech 450 sport CC is at a whole different level, from the hardtop to all the components such as the glass windshield with a wiper, auto-tinting glass in the cabin and a cold bar behind the helm station, than the other boats in its class,” said Kent. “It’s a single-boat replacement for a guy who owns an express cruiser and a second smaller boat. In express cruisers here on the lake, no one ever uses the cabin. In the Nor-Tech 450, there’s not a foot of wasted space. People use every inch of this boat. I have had 22 people on it without it feeling crowded.

“It’s Cody’s third Nor-Tech,” he added. “He told me it’s the best boat he’s ever owned.

Before selling the 23,000-pound 450 Sport CC to Lovins, Kent ran the center console performer to 80 mph. Impressed as he was with the boat’s ability to achieve that speed and accelerate strongly in the process, he was even more taken with the 450’s handling manners, stability and ride quality.

“It handles like a 39-foot Nor-Tech center console,” he said. “It’s very nimble and very quick, and it doesn’t take five miles to get up to top speed. It has trim tabs, but I never had to use them regardless of water conditions or load.”

Shortly after Nor-Tech introduced the 450 Sport Center Console in Miami, Kent ordered five of them for Midwest Boating Center. The second one currently is being rigged at the Fort Myers, Fla., boat company and will go to Jeff Campbell, another go-fast boat owner who calls Texas home.

What impressed Kent most about the 450 CC during its Miami debut, he said, was how complete and finished the new model appeared to be, and how it appealed to everyone who boarded it—and took a ride—during the show. Since then, Nor-Tech reportedly has taken more than 20 orders for the boat.

“Out of the five I ordered, I have one model that doesn’t have a customer deposit on it,” he said. “A customer could call me on it, pick colors and options and put down a deposit, and be ready to go. I think every Nor-Tech dealer who ordered one has a customer deposit on it. So you’re not just going to ‘find one’ out there in the new-boat environment. The only reason I’m in this position is that I ordered five of them three years ago.”

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