If you’ve seen our All Decked Out video, then you know we’re big fans of adding closed cell foam padding to your boat. Now, there’s another player in town: Ocean Grip. Ocean Grip is an EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam which is durable, and waterproof. The foam also has a dimpled surface, which gives it excellent non-skid properties. It’s peel-and-stick, and sticks in place thanks to pre-applied 3-M adhesives. Here’s a quick peek at a boat we found, with Ocean Grip installed.

Ocean Grip can be cut to fit, and the company can make custom-designed patterns via CNC cutting. They also have pre-cut selections for kayaks, cooler pads, casting decks, helm pads, and rod protectors. It’s available in over a dozen different colors and patterns and you can also get pads with fish rulers routed in.

Having used both Ocean Grip and its main competitor, we have to point out that underfoot they feel extremely similar if not identical. That’s an important point, because having this stuff underfoot is a major-league comfort-boost. It’s far more comfortable than standing on hard fiberglass, and after a full day out on the water, you can literally feel the difference in your back and feet. It makes just as big a difference when you kneel on the deck, too. Kneeling on diamond-patterned non-skid is down-right painful, and having the padding in place makes a huge difference.

There are two more questions we get asked quite often, about putting this stuff on a boat. Is it hot underfoot? And, is it tough to clean? The answer to both questions is “no”. If the boat’s sitting still in a blazing sun, it’s a bit hotter than white fiberglass would be—but not by much. And if there’s any sort of breeze it stays cool to the touch. Cleaning it isn’t very different from cleaning any other decking. Dirt and grime scrubs right off, and in our experience stains made by things like fish blood leaves behind a faint stain that bleaches out in the sun after a day or two.

For more information, visit Ocean Grip.