Optimum Time OS738

Optimum Time OS463The increasing popularity of superyacht races means more companies looking to target the owners and crews who participate. Those of you who do race are likely familiar with Ocean Racing’s waterproof sailing accessories and luggage. Now the company has become the exclusive North American distributor for Optimum Time sailing watches, another favorite among racers.

UK-based Optimum Time is known for making watches with big, easily read digits; loud alerts; and pre-programmed International Sailing Federation start sequences (five-minute, four-minute, one-minute, and zero-seconds sequences). Two of the watches that Ocean Racing is now offering include the OS738 and OS463 models, at left and right, respectively.

Both watches offer the features outlined above as well as electro-luminescent backlit displays, for easier viewing at night. Each offers countdown and count-up functions for handicap races, plus a countdown and repeat feature for one-design racing. (An additional sync button comes in handy if you miss the start gun.) They’re also water resistant to 5 atmospheres.

Individual differences do set them apart, however. The OS738 offers a two-line display and is styled to appeal to people who want to wear it regardless of being on the water. The OS463 provides high- and low-tide predictions for up to three locations on any date. It also has an electronic compass and three-digit bearing readings reportedly accurate to within one degree. Furthermore, there’s a declination angle adjustment function, so that you can use the watch for races worldwide.

Retail prices are $125 for the OS738 and $120 for the OS463. Ocean Racing retailers nationwide should feature them at this point. All Optimum Time watches come with a one-year warranty and a handy booklet explaining how to use the specialized sailing features.