This go-anywhere boat rides on Lund's exclusive Integrated Power Strake (IPS) hull, which is unique for its power strake, reverse chine and footprint.

This go-anywhere boat rides on Lund's exclusive Integrated Power Strake (IPS) hull, which is unique for its power strake, reverse chine and footprint.

It's a Friday afternoon and the clock strikes 4:30 p.m., shifting your brain into daydream mode. You fantasize about all the things you're going to do over the weekend.

You can't wait to try out that new walleye jig, but you have to make good on your promise to take the kids waterskiing. And don't forget about your better half's pleas to spend more quality time together.

Can you do it all in just two days?

You could if you had the right boat. With so many recreational opportunities facing today's weekend warrior, shopping for a boat that can do it all can be time-consuming — and time is a precious commodity that you simply cannot waste.

Fear not. We may have the answer.

Our quest to test every existing new trailerable boat in America led us to the 2002 Lund Adventure Fisherman 1700. This go-anywhere boat rides on Lund's exclusive Integrated Power Strake (IPS) hull, which is unique for its power strake, reverse chine and footprint. These three components work together to deliver overall optimum performance whether you're running downriggers in heavy waves, slicing through a skier's glassy paradise, or lazily cruising into the sunset. Not bad for an aluminum boat.

And get this: It has a sticker price of around $10,000 (before engine). We know that your funds are probably limited. Why else would you be working during the week instead of going out boating every single day of your life?

They Can Swim But They Can't Hide

Catching trophy-size walleye often entails a variety of fishing techniques, including pitching jigs to shoreline rocks, dragging live bait rigs and open-water trolling. A wide footprint (the hull's width at the waterline) combined with a large, flat floor gives the 1700 stability, making it a steady platform for casting, rigging or trolling big open water. The wide footprint also helps keeps you on plane, even at slow, slow speeds.

One feature that gives the 1700 its versatility is the bow ProDeck conversion, which transforms the forward cockpit into a casting platform in less than a minute. The aft jump seats also fold down to create another casting platform. Both have solid pedestal mounts for fishing seats.

Hidden throughout the deck are nine storage compartments — some of them lockable — for rods, tackle and other equipment. There's enough space for three batteries — including an aft port hold for the start-up battery — and in-sole storage that can fit two deep-cycle batteries.

Having extra juice will come in handy, as the new 1700 comes pre-wired for a 12v or 24v bow trolling motor. Many boats in this price range cannot accommodate the more powerful motor. A mounting pad is also standard equipment.

Dual lighted livewells are also new this model year. These livewells are aerated and auto-timed to provide fresh water for the fish. As long as the walleye are kept fresh, there's no reason to head back to shore early, thanks to a built-in 27 gallon fuel tank equipped with a ProPlus fuel system, which offers peace of mind on extended trips.

When the fish aren't biting, the 1700 can serve double duty as a ski boat. Lund's revolutionary IPS hull creates a nice flat wake and enables you to turn on a dime. The aft jump seats fold down to make convenient step pads to the transom, which can be outfitted with an optional boarding ladder.

The boat has a capacity rating of 1,700 pounds, or up to seven passengers. The full-length wrap-around walk-through windshield makes it easy to get to and from the bow cockpit, which is encompassed by safety railing. Optional bow filler cushions provide a place to relax and stretch out.

Captain and first mate sit in comfort behind twin consoles, protected from the wind and spray. Lund also offers canvas options to keep your entire crew in the shade, as well as adding style.

A Hull Lot of Fun

During our test, we confronted some decent chop, and we were very impressed with the dry ride. The IPS hull's reverse chine bit into the water for exceptional stability, especially in turns, and it helped keep spray to a minimum.

With a moderate load, it took us 5 seconds to plane. Surprisingly, the 140 hp Suzuki EFI four-stroke outboard had as much get-up-and-go as any two-stroke we've tested. Suzuki claims that its new "wonder four-stroke" boasts the best power-to-weight ratio of any model in its class. Although it produces 140 hp, it weighs just 410 pounds fully rigged. Its compact profile also makes it ideal for a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater boats.

A Lund representative explained to us how the IPS hull provides more non-turbulent water to the propeller for better performance. We couldn't see it happening, of course, but between it and the Suzuki four-stroke, we were making pretty good time. Even with three of us aboard, the boat popped out of the water with the slightest push on the throttle. At top speed, our hand-held GPS registered 41.7 mph at 6,000 rpm.

We estimated the optimum cruising speed to be 19.2 mph, at 3,200 rpm. This works out to 6.5 mpg, which gives the 1700 a range of approximately 175.5 miles.

Overall, the 1700 rated high in performance, economy and versatility, making it an excellent choice for weekend warriors. As an extra bonus, its brand name almost guarantees a high resale value, which is no doubt due to the company's reputation for quality construction.

For more than 50 years, Lund has produced some of the finest fishing boats on the market. The company uses double-riveted construction — the same construction method used to build aircraft and semi-trucks — which is backed by a lifetime warranty. Extruded marine-grade aluminum I-beams run longitudinally deep in the hull where they are tied to transverse stringers in the bow, which Lund claims results in the strongest, most unified and unyielding boat. Each hull is twin plated from bow to midship, instead of full length, to avoid adding unnecessary weight and cost.

Lund's affordable prices are what make its boats, including the Adventure Fisherman 1700, so appealing to families on a budget. But you may be interested to know that Lund boats are also a favorite among professional anglers. In fact, the company co-sponsors many high-profile fishing tournaments around the country.

Lund Adventure Fisherman 1700 Specifications
Draft w/drive down1'8"
Dry weight1,300 pounds
Fuel capacity27 gallons
Maximum power150 hp
Base price without engine$10,367
Price as tested with a Suzuki 140 hp DF140 EFI four-stroke outboard$21,053

Estimated Performance
Top speed41.7 mph
Cruising speed19.2 mph
Miles per gallon at 19.2-mph cruising speed6.5
Fuel cost for 100 miles$21.85
Range at 19.2-mph cruising speed175.5 miles

(Fuel cost based on a fuel price of $1.42 per gallon.)

Engine Specifications
ModelSuzuki DF140 EFI four-stroke outboard
Propshaft horsepower140
Displacement124.7 c.i.d.
Gear ratio2.38:1
Maximum engine speed6,200 rpm
Weight410 pounds

Standard Features

Lockable storage; lockable rod storage; bilge pump; capacity for three batteries; four interior lights; navigation lights; carpeted floor; casting platform; deck mounting pad; step pads; deck rails; four chrome cleats; aluminum encased transom; splash well; bow and stern eyes; level flotation.


Hydraulic tilt steering; boarding ladder; vinyl floor; mooring cover; canvas options: Complete Top Set (top, sides, bows, stern cover, walkway curtain, boot and tonneau); Sun Top Set (top, bows, walkway curtain, boot and tonneau).

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