"Speed is timeless." That's what the sales brochure says about the Australian Iain Murray Group-designed Sydney 46. The Murray Group used tank-testing to develop the hull shape for this speedster. The hull form is relatively narrow with a broad stern and a firm turn to the bilge at the transom. There is quite a bit of overhang aft, but the bow is snubbed off. The D/L ratio is 145.1. The keel is a slightly swept fin with a pugnacious bulb. Note the depth of the "chest" of this boat around station 2.8.

The Sydney 46.

The Sydney 46.

The rig is a masthead type with an SA/D ratio of 27. There is nothing very noteworthy or unusual about this rig other than the fact that it bucks the fractional-rig trend. This interior is adequate and was probably kept simple to make it lighter to build. Clearly you could cruise this boat in comfort. I do like the one big head.

The deck is an interesting blend of both racing and cruising considerations. There are seat backs forward and long bench seats. The twin wheels are well forward in the cockpit. There is a pedestal grinder for the primary winches.

Construction uses Kevlar, E-glass, PVC foam and vinylester resin. The builder offers the option of epoxy resin as an extra. Everything is vacuum-bagged.

The Sydney 46 will appeal to the family who still enjoys a good weekend regatta in fast company.

Boat Specifications
Displacement19,845 lbs.
Ballast7,827.75 lbs.
Sail Area1,237 sq. ft.
SA/D ratio27
D/L ratio145.1
AuxiliaryYanmar 47-horsepower diesel
Fuel33 gals.
Water52.8 gals.


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