Tom Wylie's sleek cat-rigged boat was designed emphasizing simplicity and ease of handling. Obviously, this will appeal to a broader range of sailors than just beginners. With everything led to the cockpit, this is an ideal singlehander able to get underway in less than three minutes.

The Wyliecat 30.

The Wyliecat 30.

The hull form features good form stability and a high ballast to displacement ratio for stiffness. The D/L ratio is 137, giving enough power to avoid relying on crew weight to get to weather. Throwing three 200-pounders on the rail would make a big difference in speed to weather. The ends are short and beam moderate.

The rig is unstayed with a wishbone boom. No vang or traveller is needed with this rig. The only lines you will have will be a 2:1 mainsheet, halyard, reef line, topping lift and choker. The SA/D ratio is 21.64.

The accommodations are complete enough for weekend cruising. There is a double berth aft and a large double forward. The head is enclosed.

Construction is unidirectional roving with PVC and balsa coring. The keel is external lead. All effort is made to keep weight reduced to a minimum.

Boat Specifications
Displacement4,800 lbs.
Ballast2,800 lbs.
Sail Area385 sq. ft.
SA/D ratio21.64
D/L ratio137.5
Water20 gals.


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