Niels Jeppesen, the designer of the Danish X-Yachts series, has taken his successful X-362 Classic and modified it to become the X-Yachts X-362 Sport. The target audience is comprised of sailors who want aggressive race performance along with comfortable accommodations. While the hull lines remain the same as those of the parent 362 Classic, the Sport has several modifications that have improved performance.

The X-Yachts X-362.

The X-Yachts X-362.


The hull form is moderate. The D/L ratio at 172 is moderate and beam is moderate. The beam at the transom has been pushed beyond moderate. The new keel is a deep fin drawing 6 feet, 8 inches with less lead than the 362 Classic's keel, but with better righting ability due to the bulb configuration. Note the extended leading and trailing edge fillets at the hull intersection. The big spade rudder is slightly swept and partially balanced.

The deck layout shows a big cockpit with T cutouts to make wheel steering easier. The traveler bisecting the cockpit will bother some cruisers. It means that a dodger will be difficult to fit on this design, but this isn't really the type of boat that would carry a dodger anyway. I like the traveler exactly where it is because it will work better for the performance-oriented sailor. Jeppesen has one of the better eyes in the business, and his decks are nicely sculpted and styled. All halyards lead aft to convenient line bags flanking the companionway. There is a handy well and ground-tackle locker in the bow.

The interior layout shows berths for two couples and one aft head. The galley is tiny. The settees are curved and wouldn't make very good berths. The forward double is too pinched. The aft double is far bigger but extends under the cockpit where vertical clearance will be restricted. The interior finish trim is mahogany. This layout will be comfy for short cruises, and when finished X-Yacht style, it should look spectacular.

The tall fractional rig, with a SA/D ratio of 22.74, has swept spreaders that eliminate the need for runners. The mainsail roach appears to overlap the backstay by about 3 inches, and that's about all I could live with. Swept spreaders are nice. Cruisers could do nicely on the 362 with a two-jib inventory. While you are studying this very "normal" rig, note the clean lines and nice proportions of this profile.

Auxiliary power is an 18-horsepower Yanmar with a saildrive unit, which allows the prop to be placed forward, away from the rudder. This helps with control in reverse. There are only 21.12 gallons of fuel tankage and 35.64 gallons of water. Both of those capacities are on the skimpy side for cruising, but they are in keeping with performance targets. This is a vacuum-bagged hull for light weight and stiffness, with a Divinycell core.

Versatile racer-cruiser that's comfortable and fast.

Boat Specifications

Displacement10,800 lbs.;
Ballast4,740 lbs.;
Sail Area694.4 sq. ft.;
SA/D ratio22.74;
D/L ratio172;
AuxiliaryYanmar 18-horsepower diesel;
Fuel21.12 gals.;
Water35.64 gals.


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