With a D/L ratio of 218, the X-412 is not light. A displacement/length ratio of 150 or less would qualify as light, but 218 almost borders on medium. This D/L ratio does not use the length on the water added by the thin skeg. Most designers would automatically use this number, but Jeppesen has been more honest with us and given us the useful DWL. If you use the DWL including the skeg, you reduce the D/L ratio to 182. Displacement means hull volume and usable interior space. It also means a good all-around performer that may be better mannered than a light boat. It may also mean a more moderate design that will be more favorably looked on by the IMS than would a light boat.

The hull profile shows a distinct knuckle forward and a definite inflection about 14 inches forward of the rudder stock. This inflection, or kink, in the profile line is just the type of shape manipulation that most IMS designs are trying to avoid. The hull has a wide transom that goes quite flat at centerline. Both rudder and skeg have curved leading and trailing edges. The rudder is huge. Standard draft of this design is seven feet, two inches. Note the location of the mast of the X boat relative to the leading edge of the keel. They pretty much line up with the leading edge of the mast being right over the leading edge of the keel intersection with the hull. The SA/D ratio for this design is 19.89. This rig has triple spreaders, in-line lowers, running backstays and a babystay.

The interiors for the X-412 offer the option of one or two sleeping compartments forward. This is a twist on the usual variation aft. The forward area is available with one double berth and a short settee or you can nestle in upper and lower berths adjacent to the head compartment. The main cabin swirls around in curved shapes that look very attractive. The companionway is indented into the trunk to open up the area aft for two sleeping compartments with hanging lockers and double berths. It is difficult to use the centerline settee feature without really crowding the main cabin, but it is successful in this design. The galley is not U-shaped, but the seat back of the centerline settee should keep the cook relatively secure. The icebox appears to extend aft under the chart table.

Boat Specifications

Displacement16,314 lbs.
Ballast7,716 lbs.
Sail Area800 sq. ft.
SA/D ratio19.89
D/L ratio218
AuxiliaryVolvo 43 Turbo
Fuel33.5 gals.
Water57.2 gals.


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