Watch the Platinum Series Video Boat Review.

The Platinum 25 handles more like a monohull than a pontoon boat.


Overview: The Platinum 25 is a pontoon boat with a sporty attitude—it’s super-comfy, surprisingly fast, and it handles more like a monohull than an average pontoon boat. Other models in the line share the same traits.


  • Create a new top-shelf model line of pontoon boats for Lowe featuring the flagship of the flagships, the Platinum 25.

  • Three-log design allows for better handling at higher speeds, and incorporates more ability to plane than average pontoons.

  • Luxury levels well above the norm, plus better looks and equipment than the average pontoon line.

Construction:Platinum series performance data

  • Welded aluminum construction.

  • Every component is a grade above the norm: carpet is 32-oz. instead of 20-something; vinyls are tough but comfortable “Soft Touch” fabric; roto-molded seat bases are much thicker than usual and don’t oil-can when pushed or prodded.


  • Startling, shocking, WOW – we broke 45-mph!

  • Mid-range acceleration is head-snapping.

  • A one-foot chop and small boat wakes have little to no effect, even when running fast.

Handling:Platinum series specifications

  • Cornering and turning is more like a monohull than a pontoon, thanks to the triple-log design.

  • The center log is slightly lower than the outer ones, allowing the boat to essentially bank and carve turns.

  • Stability is excellent, again in no small part due to the triple-log design.


  • Two-tone Soft Touch fabric has metallic flake finish, which gives the boat an unusual look.

  • Pop-up changing station under aft sunpad is compact, allowing extra room for watertoy stowage.

  • Self-leveling arms on captain’s chair make it extra-comfy.

  • 600-watt sub-woofer provides kick-butt tunes.

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