Are you looking for a high-performance bay boat that can fish with the best of them? We jumped onto a brand-spanking-new Ranger 2510 Bay Ranger to find out if it made the grade.


Just in case you couldn't tell from the video, yeah, this boat was a ton of fun to run. What doesn't come across very well is just how well it handles the seas. We had to avoid boat wakes while we filmed this, to keep our camera-man copacetic (for some reason Paul hates it when he has his eye mashed against the view-finder and we go airborne—go figure). Even so we did go flying off of several at top speeds, after Paul put the camera away and could hold onto a grab rail. The biggest takeaway? This boat is built incredibly well.

Landings are vibration-free and even though the 2510 Bay Ranger has a moderate deadrise (14 degrees, which is common for bay boats), between the solid build and the hull design I didn't feel beat up by the impacts.

Ranger 2510 bay ranger fishing boat video quick tourIf you've ever ridden in one of Ranger's bass boats (which of course is where this builder originally made its mark), this won't surprise you. Their bass fishing machines are shockingly potent, often exceeding speeds of 70 MPH, yet the ride remains relatively comfortable. Again, stout construction gets a huge amount of the credit. In fact, two Ranger models made the list in Cast Action Heros: 10 Bass Boats That Will Blow You Away. And yet another Ranger was featured in 3 Top Affordable Bass Boats.

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Or, to get the manufacturer's take on things, visit the Ranger web site. And if you're ready to start shopping, you can even go directly to some Ranger 2510 Bay Ranger listings.