Being able to remotely monitor your boat isn’t a unique idea, and as we learned in Affordable Boat Monitoring and Security Systems, you do have some reasonably-priced options including one from Siren Marine. But Siren has a new system hitting the market right now, called the MTC. MTC stands for Monitor, Track, Control, and in this short video with Siren CEO Jonathan Banks, we’ll find out how the system lives up to its name.

The most important thing to understand about this new system is that the MTC communicates via GSM SMS, which means it can work in areas where cell coverage is pretty sketchy, and it does everything right through the app. Not only is the user’s end of things wireless, but the sensors can be, too. And there’s quite a range of choices: motion sensors, magnetic switches, canvass cover snap sensors, 12-V power monitors, float switches, automatic relays, and pressure-sensitive mats are all options that you can incorporate into the system.

You control the Siren Marine MTC system with your smartphone, via an app.

You control the Siren Marine MTC system with your smartphone, via an app.

The theft-prevention aspects of this system are obvious, as are the peace-of-mind monitoring abilities. There’s not a boat owner among us who wouldn’t like the bilge’s high water alarm to sound on their smartphone, even when—or especially when—you’re hundreds of miles away from the boat. One of the more interesting abilities the MTC gets you, however, is physical control over your boat’s systems from afar. Unlike many of the more limited monitoring systems, using the MTC you can turn on the air conditioning, shut off the engines, dim the lights, or turn on the stereo system even if your boat’s in Maine and you’re in Miami.

What are the down-sides to a system like this? Remember that the $599 list price only gets you up and running. To continue running, you’ll need to shell out between $15 and $18 a month. And the onboard back-up battery is good for just 48 hours, which could be problematic if you’re out of town or far from the boat for days at a time. These nit-picks aside, it’s hard to argue with the peace of mind a Siren system could provide.

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