With Sea-Doo offering its four-stroke diagnostic tool only to authorized dealers, independent shops have been unable to do such basic things as perform diagnostics, read, explain, or clear error codes, read engine and exhaust temperatures, or perhaps most common, encode security lanyards.

At least, they haven’t been able to do those things until now.

SBT just released a Scanner Tool to their dealer network that will do all of the above. For independent shops that now means the ability to attract new Sea-Doo business. For the Sea-Doo four-stroke consumer, that means now being able to have the option of going to a trusted local shop rather than only an authorized Sea-Doo dealer.

SBT is offering the tool only to their dealer network, on a pricing scale consistent with the shop’s dollar volume. All will pay $295 for the tool itself, with free ground shipping and one year’s free use of the software. Shops that do over $10,000 in annual business with SBT will continue to receive yearly license renewals for free. Shops that do $5,000-$10,000 with SBT annually will pay $300 for yearly license renewals, while those with volume below $5,000 will pay $600 annually after the first year.

The tools will not be made available to the public.

For more information on the tool, or to find a local independent dealer who has the system, contact SBT at shopsbt.com.