While not exactly a secret, the Sea-Doo GTR 215 may be the most over-looked model in the current Sea-Doo watercraft line-up; one reason might be that it’s the only model in the company’s “musclecraft” category that doesn't start with the letters “RX,” like the potent RXP-X 260. Riders looking for a performance machine may thus skip right past the GTR, unaware that it may offer more bang for the buck than any boat on the water.

Sea Doo GTR 215 PWC

With a top speed of 65 mph, the Sea-Doo GTR 215 could be the fastest boat on your lake.

For $11,699, the three-passenger GTR 215 offers the pleasing combination of a 215-horsepower engine in the GTi-series hull, a running surface that’s less-aggressive than the S3 hull that underpins the Sea-Doo RXT-X and RXP-X models, which start at $13,699 for the RXT 260. The GTR is 132.6 inches long, 48.5 inches wide and has a deadrise of 16 degrees at the transom, or about 6.6 inches shorter and a half-inch narrower than the S3 models, which also have a much deeper deadrise, at 23 degrees. The S3 hull may ride a little softer in really choppy water, but it’s also going to dig into turns harder and, coupled with at least 60 more horsepower, will be more work to ride.
Displacement765 lbs.
Deadrise16 degrees
Fuel capacity15.9 gal.

Which doesn’t mean the GTR 215 is not entertaining. At 765 pounds dry, it weighs 59 pounds less than the RXT 260, and will blast on plane in the blink of an eye on its way to a top speed of about 65 mph with a single rider on board. And the GTR comes with a full complement of Sea-Doo technology, including iBR for fingertip braking and selection, and a choice of three engine-performance modes: standard Touring, more aggressive Sport, and ECO to stretch fuel economy. A deep, supportive touring seat offers all-day comfort, while the black and orange graphics give the GTR a sporty look.

The triple-cylinder Rotax Marine engine displaces 1.5 liters and features both a supercharger and intercooler to boost performance. Like all Sea-Doo models, the engine has a closed cooling system with a heat exchanger that keeps lake or sea water out of the engine and helps maintain consistent operating temperature.

The GTR 215 looks cool, runs fast, and offers great comfort for touring – not the coolest, fastest or plushest PWC you can buy – but a great combination at a good price that should please almost any PWC fan.

For more information, visit Sea Doo.

Written by: Charles Plueddeman
Charles Plueddeman is Boats.com's outboard, trailer, and PWC expert. He is a former editor at Boating Magazine and contributor to many national publications since 1986.