I must admit, I’m impressed by Sea-Doo’s online marketing presence as of late.

At a time when most manufacturers are playing it cautious due to the economy, Sea-Doo continues to move forward in this still new, relatively cost-effective medium, pushing not only its message about all those cool iControl technologies, but also just making watercraft seem really fun to ride.

I’ve already written about the iControl Experience tour that’s hitting key areas across the southeast at the moment. What I haven’t yet noted is that after each and every event, a nicely done highlight video suddenly appears on the company’s Facebook fan page, as well as YouTube and Twitter. It’s a virtual online assault.

It’s cool, but is it working? To be honest, we probably won’t know the answer to that for a while. But I’m impressed by the effort…and to be honest, wondering why we don’t see a little more of the same from the other manufacturers.