Read Lenny's Starweld 1600 Pro SC Boat Test Notes

Video Boat Review Transcript


This economy, it's made life tough. It's made it hard for everybody. But that doesn't mean we're gonna stop fishing. That's one of the reasons we reviewed Starweld's 1600. We wanted to find out if you can have a boat this inexpensive that still does the trick.


Now Bill, this boat planes really easily. We're only doing about 12 mph, we're still getting better than 5-6 mpg. What advantages does the E-TEC have when it comes to planing out quickly?

Bill Clauser, Evinrude Outboards: Well the two stroke E-TECs are generally lighter than four strokes. Which means it takes less forward motion of the boat to get the back of the boat to come up, so the nose falls over.

I really like this slow speed planing ability because when it gets rough out, you can go home at a reasonable speed without pounding yourself to death.

Bill: Exactly. You don't have to pound your way across the waves just to get home.

With 50 hp, the Starweld doesn't exactly light the water on fire, but it does get close to 30mph. And at a 20mph cruise, we got 7.7 mpg. That's pretty darn good.


You know, I love this ginormous casting deck. You don't find many this big on a 16 footer. But it makes me wonder: this is a price-point boat. Do you use a cheaper material in these decks?

Greg Yarborough, Starweld Boats: No we do not. We still use the fully treated plywood, so it's guaranteed for life. We use that on our casting decks, and on our main floor.

And what's underneath that deck?

Greg: Underneath that we use an injection-foam process which basically fills all the voids between the beams. And it deters any chance of getting water or air pockets in between there.

Well that's great. I really like the foam injection because it not only does that, it deadens sound and stiffens the hull, doesn't it?

Greg: Absolutely.

Brr! It's a chilly morning here at Patona Bay.  But it taught me something about this boat. Check it out: it's covered in ice, yet this textured, rubberized non-skid keeps its grip.

I like how this helm's set up, it's nice that all the gauges are in this single cluster. I wish this plastic extended a little farther out to give me a spot to mount a binnacle-mounted GPS or fishfinder. And I love this windshield. Look how easy it is to take this off. Turn three thumb screws, and that's it.

The foredeck rod box holds six rigs. You have a seat pedestal right here, and two stowage compartments. One thing that's important to note: the sides in here are lined with carpet. That'll prevent your tackle box from rattling around in there, banging the side of the aluminum boat, and scaring all the fish.

More rod holders is always more better. But it's a little bit loose. If this were my boat, I'd add a shim or tighten these up somehow.

The aft deck has a live well with a removable bait bucket. A stowage compartment, and a battery box.

Wrap Up

Want a boat you can use to fish for everything from perch to walleye to pike? Want to buy new, and you don't want to sign away your life? Well after reviewing this Starweld I'm comfortable in saying, you should definitely check one of these out before you put your John Hancock on anything else.