Nautique is on a tear these days, with three new-for-2014 tow boat models on the market. The new Super Air Nautique 210 was launched at the same time as the company’s Super Air Nautique 230. And both boats are laden with new features and technology.

A photo of the Super Air Nautique 210.

Nautique has upped the ante in the competitive tow boat market with its new Super Air Nautique 210.

“We are excited to introduce the all-new Super Air Nautique 210 and 230,” says Nautique’s President/CEO Bill Yeargin, adding, “Both of these boats are part of the Nautique legend and the changes demonstrate, once again, Nautique’s commitment to provide innovative boats to our customers.”

As with the Super Air Nautique 230, the 210 comes with an all-new running surface that is designed to work in conjunction with the Nautique Surf System (NSS), a unique wake-changing device that emerges from the side of transom to create interference as the water leaves the hull side.

A photo of the Nautique Surf System.

The Super Air Nautique 210 comes with the Nautique Surf System, a unique wake-changing device that emerges from the side of transom.

With the boat evenly weighted, NSS lets the driver shift the surf wake from one side to another in seconds, which in turn allows the rider to go from port to starboard and have a monster surf wake waiting when they get there. The result is a boat that has a highly customizable wake, and one that will encourage the invention of new tricks.

Starting price is $85,897, which is a lot of money in and of itself. However, compared with the high-end tow boat market, that’s about normal — a bargain even, considering that some boats are topping a hundred large these days. Maybe Nautique knows something we don’t, but for that kind of money, we’d like to see it come with the pro wake/surf ballast package. The way we see it, people who buy boats like this may not need the wake that the ballast makes to start, but they will likely want it within one good season of boating. Standard ballast is 1,150 pounds, and the pro ballast package adds another 600 pounds. We’d like to see the Bimini come standard, too. The tower is standard, as are rotating board racks, which is how things should be on a boat at this price, aimed at this market.

That tower complements the Super Air Nautique 210’s new chiseled good looks. Most of the lines are sharp, but Nautique added just the right amount of curves to keep the boat from looking as if it was designed by someone whose only drafting tool was a ruler and a square. It’s a genuinely handsome boat and one that strikes a balance between venturing into new territory, yet still looking like a Nautique.

A photo of the Super Air Nautique 210 with rider.

Most of the lines on the Super Air Nautique 210 are sharp, but Nautique added just the right amount of curves to keep the boat from looking too angular.

Inside, the boat benefits from Nau-Teak deck surfacing throughout the bow, cockpit, and up over the transom walk-through back to the swim platform. The transom has a small locker under the raised center section, which doubles as a small seat for gearing up.

To provide access to the stowage compartments that are situated on either side of the engine accessible from the cockpit and the transom, the lids are hinged at the outer edges. If you don’t get the pro ballast package, they are deep and wide. If you get the optional ballast, you get shallower trays that pop in above the bags. They’re still handy, just not as deep.
Draft (hull)28"
Displacement4,200 lbs
Fuel capacity37 gal.
Water capacityN/A

Like so many tow boats currently on the market, the 210 comes with a cockpit that can be configured in a number of ways. For example, it has two removable backrests on the port and starboard lounges that allow for one extra person per side to face the action behind the boat. When not needed, the backrests pop out and stash below the lounge cushions, which support themselves when open on very clever hinges.

The helm has been made as simple as can be, with a Teleflex tilt steering column and the Nautique keyless ignition panel and LINC display set off to the right. It works better that way because you don’t have stick your arm through or around the steering wheel to change settings on the display.

It takes a lot to remain in the position of market leadership, and Nautique has upped the ante with its new Super Air Nautique 210, and the Super Air Nautique 230, too, for that matter. We can’t wait to see what the folks at Nautique come up with next.

Other Choices: For other tow boats in this size range, consider the Supreme V226, Super Air Nautique G23, or the Moomba Mondo.

For more information, visit Nautique Boat Company.

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Written by: Brett Becker
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