Nautique Boats just introduced its G23 Super Air Nautique back in May, and now the G25 Super Air Nautique is hitting the water. The G25 is a boat targeted to watersports-loving families, and given its size, the families can be as large as those featured on reality TV shows. With a capacity listed at 19 people, the G25 Super Air Nautique is now the biggest boat in the company’s lineup.

super air nautique g25 water ski and wakeboard boat

The Super Air Nautique G25 is one of the largest dedicated wakeboarding boats we have seen to date.

"The G25 was designed for families more than pro-riders," said Nautique Boats CEO Bill Yeargin. “The G23 was designed to be the ultimate wakeboard boat. The G25 was designed to transfer the outstanding characteristics of the G23 to a bigger boat.”

By any objective measure, Nautique has achieved that. First, by making it larger — and heavier — than the G23, it excels as a wakeboard and wake-surfing boat. Dry weight for the G25 is 5,900 pounds, which is already heavier than any wakeboard boat we can recall. On top of that, the G25 has 2,800 pounds of ballast capacity under deck. Do the math: that’s a lot of weight. The larger size also puts more hull surface in the water for long, open and clean surf wakes.

With the ballast tanks full, ride in the back seat and look back at the wakes. They look more like waves peeling off a point break than wakes off the back of a boat. They have a curl and if there’s no rider to block your vision, you can see they even have a tube. A tube!

You can store all the settings for rider preferences using the LINC system, which lies to the right of the steering wheel on the dashboard. It might seem odd to have it offset like that, but it works because you don’t have to reach over or through the steering wheel to use the touch-screen buttons. LINC displays all vital engine functions, such as rpm, fuel level, voltage, oil pressure and water temperature. The LINC system is key to a new feature, what the company calls NCRS.

wakeboarding boats nautique super air

The G25 has forward-facing seats, aft-facing seats, side-facing seats, and even more seats. Yes, the entire gang can come along for the ride!

“The all-new Nautique Configurable Running Surface fine-tunes the hull surface under any condition using the latest technology in our Nautique LINC system,” Yeargin said.

The boat exhibits a great deal of thoughtful attention to detail. For example the sole and every area where a passenger would step is treated with Nau-Teak, a material that resembles teak at first glance, but is actually a composite rubber that feels soft and offers superior nonskid qualities. In addition, the bow features flip-down armrests on its forward facing lounges and some very cool LED navigation lights on either side of the forward step pads.

You’ll find another pair of interesting seating features in the cockpit. First, the rear bench seat cushion folds up and out and the backrest flips up to face the rear, so more people can watch the action behind the boat. Second, a portion of the port-side lounge just aft of the conventional observation seat flips up to create another rear-facing lounge seat. When you lock it into place, it creates foot-room for those seated on the observer’s seat, so the space isn’t wasted.

The starboard lounge also has a backrest just behind the driver’s seat, and stowage underneath with unique self-supporting hinges. That means you can lift the seat cushion and grab what’s inside without having to hold it up. What’s more, the center walk-through is treated with Nau-Teak and features a built-in cooler on the step above the swim platform. They’re handy amenities that result from Nautique getting design input from many different sources.

“Our development process of all Nautiques includes feedback from dealers, athletes and, of course, our internal team,” Yeargin said. “We want to be market driven, but even more important, we want to be market driving.”

Super Air Nautique G25 specifications“The guiding principles of the G25 were the same as any Nautique boat,” he added. “First and foremost, it has to be clearly the best boat in its class. It had to have a great wake with outstanding performance and handling. It had to have the quality customers have come to expect from Nautique.”

Down-sides? You have to pay to play, and playing with a G25 means covering an MSRP of $126,714. Of course, that’ll be money well spent if it means you can get the entire family away from the TV and onto the boat - for a dose of reality that’s a whole lot more entertaining than the Kardashians.

Written by: Brett Becker
Brett Becker is a freelance writer and photographer who has covered the marine industry for 15 years. In addition to covering the ski boat and runabout markets for, he regularly writes and shoots for Based in Ventura, Calif., Becker holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s in mass communication from the University of Central Florida in Orlando.