This space is normally is reserved for new tow boats or under-the-radar models readers might not know about, but not this time. The new Nautique Surf System is not a boat, and it's now available, on Super Air Nautique models like the G25 and the G23. And this is groundbreaking stuff, a testament to how wake surfing is becoming a top priority for tow boat manufacturers.

nautique ski boats nss

The NSS is more than a simple trim tab added on at the transom, and it allows you to custom-shape wakes for your wakeboarding and wake surfing pleasure.

“The all-new Nautique Surf System with waveplate technology is just another example of the progression and forward thinking at Nautique,” said Nautique CEO Bill Yeargin. Before you roll your eyes and think the NSS is little more than a Bennett trim tab mounted to the center of the transom, realize that this system is a lot more. For starters, it’s fitted to each side of the transom below the planing waterline of the boat. According to Nautique, here’s how it works: The NSS mechanism “extends outward and down from the transom intercepting and redirecting the flow of water to clean up the wake and form a surf wave unlike anything offered in our industry. This not only allows the ability to form a wave on either side instantly, but also allows for wave customization with variable intensity settings that adjust wave steepness and shape by controlling exactly how much the plate is engaged.”

Controls for NSS are integrated into the Nautique LINC System, which displays all vital engine functions, such as rpm, fuel level, voltage, oil pressure and water temperature. The system also indicates speed, ballast tank levels, and stores riders’ preferred settings as profiles. On boats equipped with the Coastal Edition package, LINC also displays navigational charts, complete with channel markers and water depths.

nautique wake boarding boat

The Nautique LINC system controls NSS, so you'll never have to leave the helm or juggle passenger position to form that perfect curl.

Think about that for a minute. If you have riders who like to wakeboard and wake surf, you can access their settings and have the boat perform exactly to their liking. When a wake surfer drops into the water, the LINC system with NSS lets you set the boat up specifically for him or her. There is no longer a need to have passengers shift around the cockpit to tune the surf wake. NSS does the work.

The system allows the user to switch the wave from side to side in motion or while at rest. It works in conjunction with ballast settings and the setting of the Hydrogate trim tab at the transom, too. The patent-pending technology is unlike anything available elsewhere — at least for now.

“Last year our industry voted Nautique as having the industry’s Most Innovative Product and the NSS provides yet another innovative design by Nautique,” Yeargin said. “It will change the sport of wake surfing.”

We’re inclined to agree.

For more information, visit Nautique.