You can get a good visual of the Tigé Z3 by watching our 2011 Tigé Z3 Video Boat Review. But forget about looks for a moment, and let’s focus on how the latest iteration of this boat is built. The hull, for example, is constructed with 10 layers of fiberglass cloth. It’s also reinforced at the engine mounting locations and where all the underwater hardware is attached. Those are important things when you stop and think about how the Z3 moves across the water, steers, and tracks.

tige z3

Sure, the Tigé Z3 looks good. But there's a lot more to understand about this tow boat.

On the inside, all the Z3’s wiring looms are pre-assembled on a jig, a process that not only ensures quality but also consistency from boat to boat. What’s more, the interior is built using 36-ounce marine grade vinyl wrapped over triple density foam triple stitched with GoreTex thread. That means the upholstery can withstand the harshness of the marine environment and still be supportive and look good over the years.

When you consider that a lot of buyers are going to be drawn to this boat because of its looks, those construction details matter. Tow boats aren’t cheap, so they need to last. They also need to offer the features and benefits this market demands, and the Z3 certainly holds its own in that regard.

Digital Controls

For example, it seems that digital controls are almost a requirement in today’s tow boat market. Tigé was first company to locate its Tigé Touch control screen off to the right of the dashboard so the driver wouldn’t have to reach through the steering wheel to make adjustments. The system is now in its second iteration, called Tigé Touch2, which features a seven-inch-wide screen that lets the driver control everything from the bilge blower to the stereo to a rider’s ballast preferences.


Plenty of ballast and digital controls mean the Z3 is ideal for wake surfing and wakeboarding.

The Z3 is suited for wakeboarding, with 2,300 pounds of water ballast in four tanks fore and aft in its Wake Pro package. For wake surfing, the Z3 can be fitted with the Surf XL package, which packs 3,500 pounds of water weight. The Z3 also comes standard with Zero Off GPS-based cruise control and an Alpha Z tower with board racks. The tower is fully collapsible and cast from aluminum.

Plenty of Power

Pushing all that weight and equipment is the standard Indmar Raptor engine, which cranks out 400 pound feet of torque. If that’s not enough grunt, buyers can opt for the Raptor 440 engine or the supercharged Raptor 575 power plant.

Tige z3

Hearty construction and high-end upholstery are a high point on the Z3.

In addition to its water sports pedigree, the Z3 also has some thoughtful touches that make it a nicer boat. For example, the cockpit is fitted with a built-in trash container, a locking stowage compartment for stashing valuables, and a built-in cooler in the walk-through to the bow area, which is playpen-style.

Wraparound Seating

In the cockpit, Tigé fitted the Z3 with a large wraparound seating area that culminates in rear-facing lounges to port and starboard. There’s a convenient rubber-matted walk-through over the sun pad to the swim platform, which is covered with the same soft mat material. Two stowage lockers on the transom are ideal for holding gloves and tow ropes.
Displacement4,800 lbs
Fuel capacity48 gal.

Look closely at the Z3 and you can begin to understand why it’s one of Tigé's best-selling boats. It has the equipment and the water sports pedigree that serious riders and surfers demand, and the construction features that mean it will last longer than the payment coupons.

Other Choices: A slightly smaller but thoroughly rugged tow boat to also consider is the Malibu Wakesetter 22 VLX. On the slightly larger side, the Centurion Enzo 244 offers another option.

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Written by: Brett Becker
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