To err is human.

But to fall out of your boat while trying to catch a beer someone has hail mary-ed to you...Well, that's just dumb.


Yipp-skiddley-doo, indeed.

As our editor Lenny Rudow says,

"Some problems are unavoidable for powerboatersboat mistakes—as long as you perform regular maintenance no one can blame you for a faulty water pump impeller, or a jammed thermostat. But we bring other issues upon ourselves, and “oops” is an all too common word in our helter-skelter multi-tasking world."

Lenny's  "Top 10 Mistakes Power Boaters Make: Don’t Do This!" feature this month highlights some of the more technical mistakes power boaters can make, including getting lost, running aground, and putting fuel into the water fill. (Quick, before you read the article, which common boat mistake do you think comes in at No. 1?)

How many of these mistakes would you admit to making? And what advice would you give to new boaters to avoid the hazards?