Bass boats like the Triton 21 TRX simply aren't like other fishing boats. They’re highly-specialized machines, honed to fill a very narrow niche—and fill it with perfection. The 21 TRX, Triton’s latest iteration of its 21-foot HP hullform, fulfilled that niche without question when pro bass angler Randy Howell ran it into the winner’s circle of the 2014 Bassmaster Classic.

Triton 21 TRX

The Triton 21 TRX is at the top of the this builder's line, and with good reason.

Just what sort of features set the 21 TRX apart from the competition? Start with performance. All bass boats are intended to beat their competitors to the best fishing spots, and this one has a top-end that busts through 70 mph. Just how far beyond 70 it goes will depend on the load and the driver, but there have been reports in excess of 75 mph. To attain speeds like this the hull has to be strong—very strong—and Triton uses construction materials like Tri-Core polyurethane coring, a once-piece hand-laid fiberglass stringer system with seven cross-members, AME 1000 resin, and a chemically-bonded hull to deck joint. Polyurethane foam is injected into the stringer system, hull cavities, hullsides, and inside the deck. Triton backs it all up with a limited lifetime warranty, to the original owner.

Fishing features are also an imperative for this genre of boat, and again, the 21 TRX does not fall short. Take the livewells, for example. It has over 44 gallons of capacity, an aeration timer, and separate recirculation and aeration pumps. They’re 800 GPH each, as opposed to the 360 to 500 GPH pumps used on many boats. Bait goes into a separate well, which can also be left dry and used for stowage. Net effect? Howell had a 100-percent live release record for the fish he kept during the Classic. Another good example can be found in the port-side rodbox. It holds rods up to eight feet long, and can secure a dozen of them. Naturally, all the other goodies you consider must-haves, like pole-mounted bike seats, bow rod-buckles, bow trolling motor wiring, a trolling motor foot-control recess, and a 24-V Motorguide TR82 electric trolling motor, are all included as standards. Serious tournament anglers will probably want to upgrade that Motorguide to a more powerful 36-volt model and move up from the standard three-bank an onboard charger, but surprisingly, the standard-issue fishfinder is a potent Lowrance HDS-7. And yes, you can beef that up, too, if you feel the need—Triton lists out no fewer than 48 fishfinder options from both Lowrance and Humminbird, including screen sizes up to 12” and side-finding capabilities.

Comfort aboard during a long day of fishing has also been addressed, too. The integrated cooler has been enlarged, with a raised shelf added to keep food dry and off the ice. Foredeck width has been expanded by seven inches to give you more space, and the large hatches swing up on gas-assist struts.

triton 21 trx deck

Finding dedicated stowage in the fore and aft decks is not a problem.

Other goodies you expect to see on high-end bass boats, like a Hot Foot throttle, suspension bucket seats, and an adjustable aluminum jack plate, are also standards. Dittos for the included trailer, which has disc brakes, oil-filled hubs, and a swing-away tongue. Its channel steel frame construction should give pause to those who chase bass in brackish waters (aluminum is usually a better choice where corrosion is likely to be an issue) though thorough rinses are all it takes to keep things gleaming and truth be told, this isn’t much of an issue for the vast majority of the bass anglers out there. Fortunately, Triton does offer an aluminum I-beam trailer exchange. The one glaring down-side to buying the 21 TRX this is figuring out just how far you want to take it with options. There are well over 100 of them listed out for this model, and while it’s great to be able to do this much customizing, you should plan on doing a lot of homework before you’ll know exactly what you do and do not want, and just how much the rig will cost you. You should also plan on paying top-dollar, as you pile those options on—fully rigged and ready, it’s not too hard to push the $70,000 mark.
Displacement1,840 lbs
Fuel capacity 46 gal.

Is the 21 TRX going to be the right choice for an angler who likes chasing multiple species in a wide variety of waters? Nope. Will it be the pick of cost-conscious buyers looking for a deal? Not likely. But if you want a top-shelf, no-holds-barred bass fishing machine, this one’s going to be in the running. And a victory at the Bassmaster Classic proves it.

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