Many dual console boats try to be good for everything and as a result are excellent at nothing. But one new powercat to hit the water, the World Cat 295 DC, doesn't suffer from this predicament. The reason why is simple: although it’s an appropriate boat for family uses, it still puts a heavy-duty emphasis on its main mission—fishing.

World Cat 295 DC

The World Cat 295 DC is an all-new model, with significant differences from its predecessor.


In keeping with this mission, all World Cats are designed to do what cats do best—ride smoothly through rough seas—and to that end, the 295 has more running surface than previous World Cat models in this class. But it also has a lot less weight. In fact, the builder managed to shave 900 pounds off of the 290 DC (which this boat replaces), which also improves the fuel efficiency.

But before we get to performance, we need to dig a bit deeper into that smooth powercat ride: World Cat uses a semi-displacement hull design, with a compression tunnel. The tunnel grows narrower as you move aft, so it compresses air trapped between the two hulls as the boat moves forward. This both enhances lift, and creates a shock-absorbing cushion of air under the boat. Net result? When the seas kick up and you’re miles away from home, you don’t have to worry about banging and thumping your way back to the inlet. Instead, you'll shush your way home.

And yes, you will go miles and miles from the inlet in this boat as you pursue pelagic gamefish. Again, World Cat never loses sight of the fishin’ mission. The hard top comes equipped with six rocket launchers, plus spreader lights. There’s an integrated, insulated 225 quart fishbox. Locking rod stowage is built in under the port-side bow seating, and is accessible via the port console head compartment. There are six flush gunwale-mounted rodholders. A freefall windlass with 300’ of line, 15’ chain, a 22-pound anchor, and foot controls sits on the bow. A 30-gallon livewell with a 1100-gph pump is located under the port-side seat. And, here’s the kicker: these are all standard features. On the vast majority of dual console boats angling items such as these are cost-adding extras—if they’re available at all—since the builder is more focused on making the boat do everything than on making it do one thing well.

World Cat 295 DC

The aft jump seats fold out of the way, making the transition from family cruiser to fish killer easy on the World Cat 295 DC.

What sacrifices are made, to ensure the boat’s multi-purpose DC abilities? You could argue that the head inside the port console takes up space that could be used for more tackle or fishing gear. Or you could make the more realistic claim that the forward seating area could be better utilized for fishing if it were tossed in favor of a flush deck. Then, of course, there’s the fact that the DC design doesn’t allow 360-degree travel with a fishing rod. But as far a dual consoles go, you won’t find one fishier than this.
Displacement8,300 lbs
Fuel capacity250 gal.
Water capacity35 gal.

Rigged up with a pair of Yamaha F250 four-stroke outboards, the maximum power for the 295 DC, the boat busts past 50 mph and hits a peak efficiency of 2.0 mpg. That’s pretty darn sweet. But maximum efficiency comes at 25 mph, and the vast majority of us won’t be able to keep the throttles so far aft. It’s just too much fun to crank up to a more realistic 4500 rpm cruise, and dart across the water’s surfaced at 38.6 mph. You’ll still be getting about 1.4 mpg, which is pretty good for a boat of this size and weight.

So far as construction goes, the World Cat is built with thoroughly up-to-date methods. The hull is vacuum-infused, which is the main reason so much weight was cut as compared to the 290. It’s joined to the deck with epoxy-tipped stainless-steel screws run through a composite ring. Heat activates the epoxy as the screw goes in, adding a chemical bond into the mix. Other major components such as the hard top are also vacuum-infused, backing plates provide a foot-hold to hardware, and the high-density composite transom is backed with aluminum mounting plates.
Performance Data
Test conditions: Light winds, 2 POB Performance figures courtesy of Yamaha.
PowerTwin Yamaha F250 four-stroke outboards, swinging 15.5" x 17" 3-bladed stainless-steel props.

Can you use this boat for both fishing and family fun? Could you take a day off from trolling the canyons to tow the kids around on a wakeboard? Go for a picnic cruise, or run across the bay to a dockside restraint? Of course, sure, and absolutely. But those days that you load up with bait and stack rods in the rocket launchers are the ones that really make sense on this boat. Because when it comes to dual consoles in this size range, few if any are fishier.

Other choices: An Edgewater 280 CX Crossover demonstrates the DC fishboat design from a monohull’s perspective. Expect it to be a bit more inclined to multi-purpose use, and a bit less towards fishing. The Glacier Bay 2770 will be of interest if you’re dead-set on a multi-purpose powercat, and are willing to consider a cabin design.

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