This for sale by owner boat selling guide is intended to provide information for private sellers like you to follow step-by-step how to sell your used boats.

Step 1: Before You Sell Your Boat

Here is your guide to selling your used boat. We will show you the steps, and give you advice along the way.

Before you sell your boat

Step 2: Advertise Your Boat

Now that you know what to expect from the market, you have to make some decisions: ad placement, target audience, selling price, and so on.

online classifieds

Step 3: Show Your Boat

The boat ad will generate calls and emails enquiring about your boat. This section gives you tips on how to handle the questions, saves you time by avoiding time wasters, and more.

showing a boat

Step 4: Sell Your Boat

Negotiate the best price for your boat. Learn how to close the deal. Know the legal groundwork. Use the sales document checklist.

Sell your boat

Select Your Package

To get results selling your boat, you should select a package that fits your need.
Choose from our three packages:

sell your boat packages