Boats for Sale: Boat Buyer's Guide

  1. Boat Buyer's Guide

    Best Personal Watercrafts 2013

    Jeff Hemmel

    If you’re thinking about buying a PWC, make sure you check out these top 10 models; all personal watercraft are not created equal. …Read More

  2. Boat Buyer's Guide

    Consider the costs of owning a boat before you buy


    The cost of boat ownership goes far beyond the sticker price. Consider these other factors before you buy. …Read More

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  4. Boat Buyer's Guide

    How do I decide which boat to buy?


    Water activities, convenience and finances all play an important role when buying your first boat. …Read More

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  7. Boat Buyer's Guide

    Can a Pontoon Boat be a Serious Fishing Boat?

    Lenny Rudow

    Pontoon boats have become incredibly popular and many people use them for fishing. But, can a pontoon serve as a dedicated, serious, hard-core fishing machine? …Read More

  8. Boat Buyer's Guide

    New Jet Boats: A Renaissance is Underway

    Charles Plueddeman

    Scarab and Chaparral are joining the jet boat market, with jet-drive power provided by BRP. These builders, along with Sea Ray, take aim at the dominance of this market by Yamaha. …Read More

  9. Boat Buyer's Guide

    Top 5 Cruisers: Motor Yacht, Express, Aft Cabin, Sedan Cruiser, and Convertible Boats

    Sandy Lindsey

    When choosing between motor yacht, express, aft cabin, sedan cruiser, and convertible, where does the new boater start? Here are a few tips to simplify the initial selection process. …Read More

  10. Boat Buyer's Guide

    Saltwater Fishing Boats: 10 Things to Look For

    Lenny Rudow

    Whether you plan to use your boat for trolling in bluewater big-game fishing grounds, casting in the back-country, or jigging in the bay, make sure your saltwater fishing boat has these 10 traits. …Read More

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  12. Boat Buyer's Guide

    Motor Yachts Are the Best Luxury Cruisers

    Jeanne Craig

    Among those who measure status, a motor yacht says you have arrived. …Read More

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  14. Boat Buyer's Guide

    Convertible vs. Express: Which is Best for Bluewater Fishing?

    Lenny Rudow

    A convertible and an express each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The real question is, which bluewater fishing boat design best suits you? …Read More

  15. Boat Buyer's Guide

    Power Cat Versus Monohull: Which is the Better Fishing Boat?

    Lenny Rudow

    The power cat versus monohull debate rages on, especially among diehard anglers looking for a new outboard-powered fishing boat in the 20-something range. …Read More

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