1. How-To / Buying & Selling

    Which Type of Boat is Best for You? Top 10 Choices for Boaters

    Lenny Rudow
    Oct 31, 2021

    Cruiser, bowrider, freshwater fishing, runabout, sailboat, saltwater fishing, speed boat, trawler, pontoon, or watersports boats – which is right for you? We’ll help you make the best choice. …Read More

  2. How-To / Buying & Selling

    5 Reasons To Buy A Boat In The Fall Season

    Ryan McVinney
    Sep 28, 2021

    5 reasons fall is actually a great time to shop for new and used boats. …Read More

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  6. How-To / Buying & Selling

    Boat Loans: Best Ways To Finance A Boat

    Zuzana Prochazka
    Jun 29, 2021

    When looking to finance a boat purchase, it's important to understand the ins and outs of boat loans and using a boat loan calculator—and how to get a loan through financial institutions likes Wells Fargo, USAA, and Chase. …Read More

  7. How-To / Seamanship

    Tide Charts Made Easy: New Wavve Boating App Simplifies Navigating Coastal Areas

    Ryan McVinney
    Jun 17, 2021

    Wavve Boating simplifies navigating tricky tidal regions for both new boaters and experienced captains alike. …Read More

  8. How-To / Maintenance

    Survey A Boat Yourself: From Stem to Stern

    Chris Landry
    Jun 17, 2021

    A thorough dockside inspection and sea trial will set you on a course to find your ideal boat. …Read More

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  10. How-To / Maintenance

    Teak Wood Care: Boat Maintenance Tips For Wood Decks And Trim

    Kim Kavin
    Jun 16, 2021

    From teak wood cabinet doors to teak railings, trim strips and moldings, our experts lay out the basics to provide the best care for your boat. …Read More

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  12. How-To / Buying & Selling

    Boat Hull Shapes: What Hull Shape is Best?

    Chris Caswell
    May 31, 2021

    When it comes to boat hull types, their designs are crucial to your boating pleasure. …Read More

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