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  1. Reviews

    Best Pontoon Boats

    Lenny Rudow
    Dec 4, 2018

    As the popularity of pontoon boats continues to grow, a number of hot new models hit the water in 2018. …Read More

  2. Reviews / Ski and Wakeboard Boat

    Centurion Ri237 Review

    Brett Becker
    Dec 4, 2018

    Centurion’s 2019 Ri237 is a triple threat that throws the wakes for wakesurfing and wakeboarding, and offers a luxurious ride. …Read More

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  4. Reviews

    Best Deck Boats

    Brett Becker
    Nov 29, 2018

    When it comes to deck boats, these magnificent seven top our list in today's competitive market. …Read More

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  7. Reviews / Center Console

    Top 10 New Fishing Boats for Under $20,000

    Lenny Rudow
    Nov 27, 2018

    You want a brand new fishing boat but don’t have big bucks? These 10 under $20,000 make the grade. …Read More

  8. Reviews

    Nordic Boats: Hot New Deck Boat & Sport Catamaran

    Matt Trulio
    Nov 21, 2018

    Arizona-based go-fast boat builder, Nordic Boats, has released its latest deck boat and sport catamaran models that both make awesome use of outboard engine power. …Read More

  9. Reviews / Jet

    Yamaha 190 FSH Sport Review: Combining Jet Power with Center Console Versatility

    Charles Plueddeman
    Nov 20, 2018

    Longer, wider and now packed with more features, the new 2019 Yamaha 190 FSH Sport is a compact center console that is rigged for fishing and family fun. …Read More

  10. Reviews

    Sunsation Powerboats Grows Its Center Console Family

    Matt Trulio
    Nov 14, 2018

    A new 40-footer is the last addition in the Sunsation Powerboat's Center Console Xtreme line. …Read More

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  12. Reviews / Ski and Wakeboard Boat

    Tige ZX1 Review

    Brett Becker
    Nov 13, 2018

    The new 2019 Tige ZX1 packs a heavyweight punch into a midsize wakesurfing boat, making it a middleweight champion in the market. …Read More

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  14. Reviews / Center Console

    Boston Whaler 170 Montauk: Video Boat Review

    Lenny Rudow
    Nov 6, 2018

    The 2018 Boston Whaler 170 Montauk is a new take on a small but classic center console. …Read More

  15. Reviews / Ski and Wakeboard Boat

    Tige ZX5 Review

    Brett Becker
    Oct 30, 2018

    The new 2019 Tige ZX5 is a chart topper designed to let you focus on fun while the boat does the work. …Read More

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