On the Water: Fishing

  1. On the Water / Fishing

    Fishing Friday: The World’s Best Bobber

    Lenny Rudow
    Nov 7, 2014

    Bobbers are not exactly a sexy item, but this is one new piece of fishing gear you have GOT to keep in your tacklebox. …Read More

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  3. On the Water / Fishing

    How To Tie a Fisherman's Knot (Improved Clinch)

    Lenny Rudow
    Nov 4, 2014

    The Fisherman's knot, also called the Improved Clinch, is a classic. You need to know this one, before leaving the dock. …Read More

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  6. On the Water / Fishing

    Fishing Friday: The Right Way to Release Fish

    Lenny Rudow
    Oct 31, 2014

    How you release a fish has a lot to do with whether or not it will survive its encounter with your hook and line. …Read More

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  8. On the Water / Fishing

    Got Bait? Mahi Madness Part I: Rigging & Dolphin Migration Patterns

    Lenny Rudow
    Oct 28, 2014

    Mahi mahi or dolphinfish can travel up to 130 miles in 24 hours. Here's how we know that. …Read More

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  10. On the Water / Fishing

    Pop Fishing Quiz: Dolphin Fish Factoids

    Lenny Rudow
    Oct 24, 2014

    Whether you call them dolphin fish, mahi-mahi, or dorado, one thing is for sure: these are some amazing fish. Test your knowledge of this species, with this dolphin fish fishing quiz. …Read More

  11. On the Water / Fishing

    Got Bait? Mahi-Mahi Fishing Madness

    Lenny Rudow
    Oct 23, 2014

    The third episode of our fishing series proves that determining which is better, bait or lures, is no easy task – especially when fishing chaos ensues. …Read More

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