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    Navigation Apps for Boaters


    Your smartphone, armed with the newest Android apps or iPhone apps, can be a powerful tool for powerboating. …Read More

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    The Mission – Cruising with Lake Union Sea Ray, part 1


    Over three decades, this Washington state boat dealership has set thousands of boaters on a course towards the cruising lifestyle. …Read More

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    Boat Grills: BBQ Equipment on the Water

    Kim Koditek

    Get things sizzling on the water by investing in a marine grill for your boat. …Read More

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    Inside MarineMax, Part 4 - Building the Boating Lifestyle


    Showing people how to have fun with their boats and fall in love with the boating lifestyle is MarineMax’s central tenet. …Read More

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    Inside MarineMax, Part 3 - An All-Inclusive Approach


    Few companies have the capacity to deliver a full array of services the way this dealership does. …Read More

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    Inside MarineMax, Part 2 - A Simpler Process is the Priority


    Due to its scale, MarineMax aims to create a one-stop shopping experience for customers. …Read More

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    Top Mistakes That Lead to a Tow


    These are the most common boating blunders that lead to a need for assistance–and how to avoid them. …Read More

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    Inside MarineMax, Part 1 - It's Not About Buying the Boat


    What does the sales approach look like that helped MarineMax become the biggest boat dealer in the U.S.? …Read More

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    How to Choose the Right Lifejacket for PWC Use


    Wearing a PFD or lifejacket is the law. It’s also, however, just good common sense whenever you're cruising on a PWC. …Read More

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    EZ Dock: The Complete System


    EZ Docks offers boaters a solution to virtually every type of docking and mooring situation. …Read More

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