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    On-Demand Yacht Management: ‘Yacht Care On Autopilot’

    Kim Koditek

    Florida Yacht Management introduces an online concierge service for owners seeking yacht maintenance, dockage, crew, and more in Fort Lauderdale. …Read More

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    Top 10 New Boating Gear, Gadget, and Gizmo Picks for 2016

    Lenny Rudow

    Every season sees a new crop of boating gear and goodies that are designed to make your life aboard better. Here are our top picks for this year. …Read More

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    Boat Engines: Choosing Gas or Diesel

    Ed Sherman

    If you're in boat-buying mode and can't decide between gasoline and diesel, here are some pointers. …Read More

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    Boating Tips: Three Things You Need to Know When Shopping for a Boat

    Lenny Rudow

    When you go shopping for a new boat, these three tips will help you make the right choice. …Read More

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    Amps, Amp Hours, and Battery Capacities for Boaters

    Ed Sherman

    Understand the demands of your on-board electrical equipment, and assess the abilities of your batteries and charging gear to keep up with those demands. …Read More

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    Pontoon Boats

    Gary Reich

    Everything you need to know about Pontoon boats can be found right here. …Read More

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    Boating Tips: How Do You Know if a Boat is Well-Built?

    Lenny Rudow

    Hatches are a good indicator of how much care a boatbuilder takes. …Read More

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    Fishing Boats

    Lenny Rudow

    You’re looking for a fishing boat? We’ll do our best to help you find the right one. …Read More

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    Marine Engines and Power Systems: The Basics Behind What Powers Your Powerboat


    Outboard engines, inboards, pod drives, jets, V drives, diesel, and gas—we’ll help you understand all the types of motorboat engines on the water. …Read More

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