Stingray Boat Reviews

  1. Reviews / Deck Boat

    Stingray 182SC: First Look Video

    Lenny Rudow
    Jul 1, 2016

    The 2016 Stingray 182SC is a surprisingly inexpensive boat that delivers serious bang for your buck. …Read More

  2. Reviews / Bowrider

    Stingray 225RX Rally: Practical Passion

    Brett Becker
    Dec 31, 2015

    Stingray’s new 225RX cuts a striking profile that’s sure to rally a boater’s heart rate. …Read More

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  4. Reviews / Deck Boat

    Stingray 192SC: Hit the Sweet Spot

    Brett Becker
    May 10, 2015

    The all-new 2015 Stingray 192SC lands on the outboard deckboat bull’s-eye. …Read More

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  7. Reviews / Runabout

    Stingray 198LX: Best of Both Worlds

    Brett Becker
    Nov 19, 2014

    Stingray’s 198LX is an elegant blend of runabout and deckboat. …Read More

  8. Reviews / Cruiser (Power)

    Stingray 250LR: Top Shelf Bowrider

    Brett Becker
    Jan 18, 2014

    Everything Stingray does best all comes together in its flagship 250LR bowrider. …Read More

  9. Reviews / Runabout

    Stingray 195 LX Fish and Ski Package

    Jeff Hemmel
    Jun 5, 2013

    Put a fishing package on a bowrider, give it the Stingray Z-Plane hull, and add in a healthy dash of amenities. Net result? The Stingray 195 LX. …Read More

  10. Reviews / Runabout

    Stingray 198 LX: Classic Bowrider

    Jeff Hemmel
    Apr 14, 2013

    The Stingray 198 LX brings together the best attributes of a traditional bowrider while delivering more for your money. …Read More

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  12. Reviews / Runabout

    Stingray 215LR Sport Deck Bowrider: Abridged Version

    Brett Becker
    Nov 12, 2012

    Even though this bowrider is smaller and less expensive, the Stingray 215LR is packed full of the same features as its larger stable mates. …Read More

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  14. Reviews / Ski and Fish

    Stingray 195RX: Prescription Filled

    Brett Becker
    Mar 9, 2012

    The Stingray 195RX is a perfect remedy for budget-minded runabout buyers. …Read More

  15. Reviews / Runabout

    Stingray 235LR: Capable Crossover

    Brett Becker
    Oct 16, 2011

    With a blend of design qualities and abilities, this is almost like getting two boats in one. …Read More

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