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    Internet on Boats: Stay Connected while Getting Away

    May 11, 2015

    There are plenty of good options for internet access when you are cruising on your boat. …Read More

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    The Outboard Expert: Outboard Oil Facts and Myths

    Charles Plueddeman
    May 5, 2015

    You know oil is the life-blood of your four-stroke outboard engine, but which blood gives the most life? …Read More

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    Mercury Marine: Black Is The New Green

    Matt Trulio
    May 5, 2015

    Think the world’s biggest marine power company is dirty? Think again. …Read More

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    Simrad Halo Radar: Pulse Meets Broadband

    Lenny Rudow
    May 1, 2015

    By combining traditional pulse radar with Broadband technology, the new Simrad Halo radar sees both near and far. …Read More

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    Gear Review: FLIR Ocean Scout 320

    Lenny Rudow
    Apr 25, 2015

    Can you see me now? With this little puppy, even in complete darkness the answer is yes. …Read More

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    Top 10 New Inexpensive Boating Goodies of 2015

    Lenny Rudow
    Apr 18, 2015

    These nifty new pieces of boat gear all cost under $150—and any one of them will make 2015 a better year for boaters. …Read More

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    Should the Fuel Hoses On My Boat Have Labels?

    Ed Sherman
    Apr 3, 2015

    There are standards for identifying the type of fuel hose used, but not the purpose of each hose. Many builders skip the step of labeling hoses, leaving it up to boat owners to do the detective work. …Read More

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  12. Reviews / Saltwater Fishing

    Mercury Verado 350 Video: First Look at a New Outboard

    Lenny Rudow
    Mar 25, 2015

    The 2015 Mercury Verado 350 is the most powerful supercharged outboard available from Mercury Marine today. …Read More

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    Affordable Boat Monitoring and Security Systems

    Mar 20, 2015

    Get peace of mind and keep your boat safe, without breaking the bank. …Read More

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    Weego Emergency Jump-Starters: How Many Amps Do I Need?

    Ed Sherman
    Mar 20, 2015

    Engine jump-starters are a good idea -- but how can you tell how much cranking power is necessary? …Read More

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